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Saints 2018 Camp has started and we are irrationally excited about Saints players having 1 good practice.

Dave creates a realistic scenerio that involves Taysom Hill AND Tre'Quan Smith that will break Saints Twitter

We also talk about Mike Westhoff weak cane choices and Tom Benson willingness to throw hands with relatives before he gave Gayle the team and died. 

Let's list Training Camp Superstar Leaderboard After Opening Weekend...

1. Taysom Hill LIGHTING dudes up on kickoffs and holding on fieldgoals. What can't this man can't do? 
2. Tre'Quan Smith is Steve Smith 2.0
3. Arthur Maulet looking like Darrele Revis.

Marcus Davenport had a sack.

Travil Durall's Camp Superstar Status went from Super Nova to black hole in 1 day. 

Twitter questions and 2018 Saints Happy Hour Fantasy Football League update (PAY YOUR DUES PEOPLE!) 

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